In these difficult times

In these difficult times
Of darkness and grief
I lift up my head
And feel Your love in my heart.

In these difficult times
Of desperation, of anger
I lift up my hands
And praise You in my heartAfbeeldingsresultaat voor isaiah 40 31

In these difficult times
While I seem to be paralysed
I feel Your peace in my soul
And open my eyes to see Your grace

You I want to praise
All my life
You who are my strength
In prayer,  in song
You blow your breath
Into my lifeless body
You wipe away my tears
And bring me happiness and joy

You I want to honour
For Your miracles in my life

You I want to praise
For Your loyalty,  Oh Lord

No power and no devil
No grief and fear
Can separate You from me

I surrender myself
Let Your will be done
Your work is unimaginable
Your ways are in the light
How happily I walk with You
The Light of the world
The world… doomed and dead
But risen and renewed with You

My words fail
No words, no sentences
Can describe Your love
How thankful am I
How jubilant am I
While I am so tired
Hallelujah    Amen




5 gedachten over “In these difficult times

  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and true words. May the Lord be with you and watch over you. Praying for strength and peace and success for you and your family. Blessings


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